Who We Are

The Breathe Mongolia - Clean Air Coalition is an international team of professionals and everyday citizens, working to end Mongolia’s air pollution crisis.

Our Mission
Our mission is to arm people with the resources to end air pollution in Mongolia
Our Vision
Our vision is clean, sustainable and prosperous Mongolia

What We Do

We create bilingual digital space and set of tools to address the lack of a centralized source for quality information and insight to the current conditions in Mongolia by focusing on:


We educate the public so they can protect themselves and reduce emissions


We build a community of professionals and allies working to reduce air pollution


We monitor policies and decisions to inform the public and to promote accountability


The right to breathe clean air is a fundamental human right. We deserve to live long and healthy lives with our loved ones in our homeland.

Our Alignment to Sustainable Development Goals

Our work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) put forth by the United Nations. Specifically, we align with and seek to impact the following 7 SDGs and their targets:

Breathe Mongolia Mongolian Sustainable Development Vision 2030

Breathe Mongolia’s work supports 3 out of the 10 goals set forth by Mongolia Sustainable Development Vision 2030, which includes:


Improve the living environment of the Mongolian people

to lead a healthy and long life; increase life expectancy at birth to 78 years


Preserve ecological balance

and to be placed among first 30 countries on the rankings of the countries by the Green economy index in the world


Build professional, stable and participative governance,

free of corruption that is adept at implementing development policies at all levels.

Our Partners and Supporters


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