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The Unexpected Health Effects of Air Pollution

What needs to be done to lower long-term exposure to carbon monoxide?04/10/2023
Is "improved coal" working?01/26/2023
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Let's Take Action! Breathe Mongolia’s Air Pollution Reduction Project now Underway10/12/2022
"Changing Skies" Film by Asher Svidenksy 10/21/2021
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Breathe Mongolia and Green Dot release climate change and air pollution quiz challenges to accelerate youth education09/07/2022
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Air pollution in Mongolia is not just a capital city problem, but a nationwide problem04/14/2022
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Breathe Mongolia Wins the International Lead2030 Challenge supported AstraZeneca05/02/2022

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Agaar Neg platfrom by Breathe Mongolia

Agaar Neg platfrom by Breathe Mongolia

Latest on Breathe Mongolia

Latest on Breathe Mongolia

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The children's book "The Adventure in Pursuit of Clean Air" has been published.

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JAICA: PM10 has decreased with the switch to coal briquette, but sulfur dioxide has increased


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