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Let's save energy and reduce air pollution!

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Coal-fired power generation is one of the direct sources of air pollution and releases many harmful pollutants. Although many nations have stopped using coal in recent years and expanded their usage of natural gas and renewable energy sources, the production and use of these energy sources still contribute to air pollution. Even if these emissions are lower than those from burning coal, minimizing energy output is still necessary. So, by limiting our daily energy use and operating in economic mode, we may lessen air pollution.

Energy consumption is directly related to air pollution, therefore the more energy you use, the cleaner your air will be. As of 2022, nine thermal power plants, two hydroelectric plants (at Durgun and Taishir), two diesel plants (at Altai and Uliastain), and low- and medium-power renewable energy sources are all mainly utilized to generate domestic electricity.

Presently, 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come from the production of electricity. By 2030, Mongolia is trying to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and expand the installed capacity of renewable energy generation to 30%. Greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution are intimately associated.

I pledge to Let's save energy and reduce air pollution!

I pledge to cut back on energy use and make financial savings in order to lower air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


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