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Protect myself and others from cigarette smoke

Protect Yourself

Quitting smoking might be the most direct way to protect yourself and your family from air pollution. The air we breathe for a good part of the year already has hundreds of toxic substances. Why would we further aggravate our lungs by inhaling cigarette smoke with many carcinogenic chemicals? Indoor air pollution from cigarette smoke can be dramatically reduced when you cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke even by one or two.

In Mongolia, half of the male population are smokers. This number has remained unchanged over the past decade. But you have the power to change this tragic statistic!

Approximately 60% of deaths in men and almost 9% in women in Mongolia are related to lung cancer attributable to smoking. Remember, you don’t have to be a smoker to be harmed by cigarette smoke. Secondhand smoking has been shown to be equally as toxic as smoking. It is never too late to reduce your exposure to secondhand smoke.

I pledge to Protect myself and others from cigarette smoke

I will protect my family from inhaling harmful secondhand smoke and educate those around me about what they can do to protect themselves.


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