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Choose green loans when purchasing eco-friendly products

Protect Yourself

Green loans are subsidized low-interest-rate loans meant to promote purchases and actions that support environmentally-friendly activities, such as decreasing air pollution. Individuals are eligible for green loans from financial institutions in the following circumstances:

  1. The purchase of electric heaters, hybrid and electric vehicles, bicycles, etc. 
  2. The improvement of insulation of houses and gers.
  3. The construction of energy-efficient houses. 

Green loans are usually financed by the bank itself, the government. or international organizations’ green loan programs. 

Why should I consider green financing?

Green loans have a lower interest rate than regular loans. Since they’re usually funded or subsidized by the government or international financial institutions, green loans are an average of 6-10% cheaper than standard consumer loans. In addition, the investments financed by the green loan help to tackle air pollution. This makes green loans the way to go if you are planning a purchase that is environmentally-friendly.

I pledge to Choose green loans when purchasing eco-friendly products

I will choose green loans, because they are cost-effective and allow me to contribute to the fight against air pollution.


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