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Let's insulate our house!

Reduce Emissions

In the previous article, we highlighted the importance of ger insulation and as a continuation, we introduce the house insulation techniques to you. By reducing the heat loss in building joints such as walls, ceilings, roofs, windows, and doors, it will be possible to save energy and bring real positive results to the financial and living environment by reducing air pollution. Also, heat loss can cause problems such as frostbite in winter, growth of fungus, increased heating, wear and tear of the house, and deterioration of the structure.

Most houses with less than 10 cm of insulation suffer from heat loss. Insulating the floor with a thickness of 10 cm, the wall with a thickness of 15 cm, and the ceiling with a thickness of 20-25 cm will be more effective. By insulating the wall, ceiling, and floor with a thickness of 10 cm, you will save 50% of energy. Thus, 35% heat savings are achieved if the insulation is at least.

I pledge to Let's insulate our house!

I pledge to reduce my carbon emission by insulating my house and, reducing fuel and energy consumption.


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