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Let’s insulate our gers

Reduce Emissions

You can play an important role in reducing air pollution by insulating your ger. According to the population and housing census from 2020, conducted by the National Statistics Office of Mongolia, 342,409 households live in gers. This constitutes up to 38.2 percent of all households. Mongolia has four seasons, and one of the ways that we have historically adapted to each season is by insulating our gers. The present is no different. The most suitable time to insulate the ger  is late summer or early fall.     

Some of the advantages of a well-insulated ger include:

  • Decrease the frequency and duration of keeping a fire alight in the stove 
  • Reduce the use of coal by up to 50 percent
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to fivefold  
  • Prevent the occurrences of cold & flu 
  • Live comfortably
  • Improve indoor air quality and contribute to reducing air pollution outside. 

There are many methods to insulating your ger, including hand materials, electricity. and nanotechnology. The methods mentioned on this page were gathered based on official sources. However, we advise you to do independent research before investing in insulation solutions. 

I pledge to Let’s insulate our gers

I pledge to insulate my home to reduce my energy consumption and minimize my emissions of air pollutants.

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